Announcement - 25th April 2014
Due to fire damage the Little Hong Kong Restaurant has had to close, but there are plans to re-open after the rebuild.

On Thursday morning a fire broke out at the Dressers Arms and Little Hong Kong restaurant. Fortunately, nobody was hurt but it is with great sadness that we announce the closure of LHK until the foreseeable future.

We are, however, planning to re-build and hope that you, our loyal customers, will return to us once we are up and running. Due to the severity of damage, it isn't possible at the moment to estimate the time or scale of work in which this project will require. We will be making regular updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages for you to keep track of our progress.

If you have have made any bookings with us then we apologise but we have lost all contact details in the fire. We hope this email finds you all well.

Finally, a huge thank you to everyone who has helped us through this tough time and for all your messages of support. It is greatly appreciated. Ourselves and the Dressers team will work together for what is set to be a rocky road ahead but by the support of the local community, loyal customers, friends and family we know we can achieve much greater!

We will be seeing you all soon!

Kind Regards